I’d just like to check in about this, because I have a feeling most people are confused. Naomi Klein wrote No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, and narrated the Post Argentina Bankruptcy Documentary The Take. Naomi Wolf wrote The Beauty Myth, The End of America, and most recently an article for The Guardian in which the latter half of links go to unverified and possibly paranoid news sources.

This begins when Wolf sets up a failed link to the Washington Post Blog Wonkette. I read that article a week or so ago, and what it said is that there was an FBI leak, which the FBI denies, that the FBI was working with local city governments to dismantle Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Wall Street Solidarity sites. There is a follow up to that post where the link still works here. You will notice that it calls into question its own source which is the same one Wolf links to in her article: The Examiner. What I liked about the original Wonkette article is that it quoted a protester as stating the obvious: why wouldn’t the FBI and perhaps DHS be interested in a national protest movement like Occupy Wall Street? Though it’s unverified, it’s reasonable to assume national government branches were involved in the multiple destruction of Occupy Sites.

Alternet, who was referenced by Wolf in The Guardian article, wrote an excellent follow up saying they were wrongly implicated: “AlterNet has ‘broken’ no such story – nobody has. We have asked Wolf to retract this claim, but as of this writing, it still remains on her site several days later.”

Let’s take look at the track record of Wolf and Klein: Wolf’s The End of America and other recent work has decried that the United States Government is on a track to fascism. Wolf also recently spoke at a Ron Paul Rally.

Klein however, like the majority of Occupy Wall Street movement supporters, believes that corportations have too big a role in the government, and that we have an obligation to prioritize the needs of the people above corporate personhood. Klein also most recently sat on a pannel with Michael Moore.

Klein herself has tweeted, “PLEASE STOP CONFUSING ME WITH NAOMI WOLF,” as the Canadian National Post pointed out in January of this year. They say:

Going by Google, as many people as ever are confused, vis-à-vis the whiz who wrote No Logo and married into Canada’s leading social dynasty, and the one who, well, once advised presidential candidate Al Gore to wear “earth tones.”

Because this is primarily a design blog, I think it is worth noting that both authors websites use a white N in a black box, though Wolf uses an italicized marker font, while Klein uses a bold san serif. This small fact does not make a significant distinction in separating their namesakes. That and I will attempt to return this to a more traditional design focused blog upon the next posting.