I’ve been focusing the bulk of my efforts on a design/eat interactive arts project called Growing Collards over at Gris Gris Lab in New Orleans. Please stop by, contribute, and check it out. Interesting arts/architectural writings will resume a faster pace very soon as I am reading and coalescing massive quantities of relational theory for your consumption.
Lots of love,

The Collards Project has two remote kiosks for contributions. One at Louisiana Artworks (725 Howard Avenue) as part of the Editions At Dawn Print Show on November 6th 6-9pm; and one at The Front Gallery (4100 St Claude) as part of the Multispecies Salon 3: Swarm on November 13th 6-10pm, then moved to The Old Ironworks (612 Piety Street). Contributions will be on display at Artworks until December 3rd, and at Ironworks until Dec 5th, before being consolidated at Gris Gris Labs for the Closing Exhibition and Dinner Party on December 10th. Additional remote contributions may be made by emailing the artist at li@grisgrislab.com or snail mailing directly to the gallery at 2245 Brainard St, New Orleans, 70113.