hey folks… I am up in Vermont right now taking more classes at Yestermorrow Design/Build School. I have a lot of time on my hands this weekend, so hopefully I’ll show you some more glossy pictures of beautiful things in the world while I’ve got the time and the computer access. Time on my hands is not something I’m used to having. I might just read all six books I brought with me, but I kind of doubt it.
I just finished a class on how to build a skin on frame canoe. I could certainly post those photos tomorrow, no sweat. It was easier than I thought it would be (unlike timberframing, which was harder than I thought it would be) and I can tell you if I find the time and resources, building my own canoe is definitely on to my to do list.
For the typical work week I’ll be work trading my labor for classes. I’ve already done a lot of painting and plastering walls. Then next weekend I’ll be in a class with Scott Kellogg of Toolbox for Sustainable City Living fame who will be co-teaching with Keith Morris, who I also happen to adore. The class will focus problems of density coupled with cures of permaculture. Something like that. I’m pretty stoked.
I might arrive back in Providence a day late, nothing too sure yet, and from there going down to New Orleans.
What will I be doing in New Orleans? People keep asking me this and I find myself shying away from the answer. A lot. How about that? Ok Ok. I’ll be putting in 32 hours a week rebuilding with LowerNine.org as part of my curriculum in a Community Design/Build senior project. I’ll have a Tulane assistant professor/Rose Architectural Fellow whose focus has been to prove low income housing is most affordable when made green. Awesome. She and I are going to meet up and discuss how design can envision the rebuild appropriately based on concerns of the Lower Ninth Ward community. I’ll be making a lot of actual and potential renders of the neighborhood, and also probably helping out on a community organic garden, youth empowerment programs, and sustainable economic development initiatives. Then I’ll also I’ll be volunteering at the Community Printshop four hours a week, and meeting up with Meg Turner to render historic buildings, constructions sites, the act of observing, and then turning them into prints. I kinda can’t believe it is happening, but then I checked today and some of my boxes have already arrived. This is really happening.
Ok Ok. Back to the pictures and theory… I’ve added a bunch of links to stuff and folks I’ll be working with in NOLA on the sidebar. There’s a lot of awesome stuff on that sidebar in my humble opinion, so you should probably check it out.