Renovation for a neoclassical building in Hamburg was inspired by the new Terry Gilliam movie – well, not really – but seriously folks: floating boats make me dreamy, as does the contrast of the old vs. new architecture I see seamlessly bound here. Taking the surreal approach, the Haus im Haus project sought to captivate the underutilized interior by filling it with five new levels in the main hall. The stairs look buoyant, the steel is both reflective and responsive to the preexisting structure, and the inhabitants will feel less vertigo with less expanse in the middle of their workplace. From ArchDaily:

The new structure is composed of layers and planes, where lightness, immateriality and reflection contrast the solid, elaborate walls of the existing building. A variety of fascinating spatial solutions emerge within both the new structure and in relation to the existing building. The light, free-floating character of the new extension is complemented and accentuated by an LED lighting system that was jointly developed by the architects and Nimbus Design. Although not part of the original architectural competition entry, the lighting system was later seen to offer extraordinary potential for special lighting effects.

Extraordinarily beautiful, revoking the need to destroy historical foundations to accommodate density, BEHNISCH ARCHITEKTEN succeeds in creating a dreamworld full of magical splendor. What else should be wrapped in the marble of an ancient monument? I am beside myself.

(photo’s by Hans Jürgen Landes)
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Of course, one wonders if the budget for this project was endless…