Here is a recent addition to a flour mill in Roubaix by TANK Architectes

(from ArchDaily)

Here’s what I’m gonna say about it. Those pioneering new techniques, by definition, never get it perfect. I think there are elements here that are very tacky, very brutal, *but* I think it’s heading in a good direction. One could imagine, perhaps through the use of better building materials, this could be a very lovely integration to a historic building. I could say the exact same thing of the Mill City Museum renovation I saw in Minneapolis last spring:

(from Hello Minneapolis)
I love that they chose to preserve the ruins of the exploded mill (apparently flour is extremely flammable), but make the remaining side sealed and functional. I even like the contrast of old and new, and imbuing an old building with a touch of modernity. There is something not quite there yet about both buildings, still the potential for beautiful innovation is strong… more to come.

Lastly on the note of flour, the Bread Shoes designed by twins at R&E Praspaliauskas are gaining a lot of attention. Now you know:

(from Dezeen)