I can’t get enough of libraries lately, so this is particularly exciting: during Polish Design season, Maciek Grelewicz has proposed a library lined with gold lettering for the Technical University of Łódź. Says Grelewicz::

“Use of golden colour and big signs makes this facade light pastiche of eclectic environment. Golden facade is a kind of shiny, eye-catching ‘dress’ of building, attracting passers-by to get in.”

Lets take a look:

now if only they could bring that bling to the interior…

Libraries are becoming again monuments in their own right, and thank goodness, but perhaps one should be careful not to eclipse their primary function: to explore books. All that white space reminds me of a modern art museum, which would invite me to look at books, but maybe less likely to sit and read one. Perhaps the model in which “To attract readers [libraries have] to use weapons typical for commercial market” (says Grelewicz) leaves behind a certain pressure to buy it or leave it.

Still the outside is wonderfully modest and stunning.

Original article from Dezeen.