speaking of play in design, look at this:

In a Dezeen article this week, hats go off to Studio Wieke Somers for winning the Golden Eye award ‘best of the best’ during the festivities at Dutch Design Week. Their merry go round coat rack allows individuals to attach their coats to the ropes and pulleys to watch them soar and rotate, all while securely locked to the device.

Quoting the Dutch Design Week website, “The Merry-go-round coat rack is a spatial ballet for coats, with a colour palette that is determined by the season. Its presence is so strong that one starts experiencing the museum the moment one enters the space: something as banal as a coat rack has clearly become a work of art itself. By participating, the user becomes part of the design. The engagement of the designer is tangible, the technical and aesthetic execution is excellent; all these qualities together make this the best design of the moment.”