Here are some lovely photos of the Ecovillage Training Center and some of the natural building projects in the works there on The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee.

The Eco-hostel. Yes, that’s a greenhouse on the south wall.

demonstration wall of several different types of natural building methods.

inside the hodgepodge lodge.

Hippitat 1. Beginnings of a rubble trench.

more inside Hippitat 1.

Hippitat 2’s green roof.

earthen floor install, inside Hippitat 2.

more Hippitat 2.

more Hippitat 2.

the green dragon’s green roof.

photo voltaics on the Eco-hostel roof.

reclaimed steel roof.

graywater processing ponds.

more graywater processing ponds.

the beginnings of a composting toilet.

the compost rotation.

Gordon Lightfoot, rooster extraordinaire.

the waddle just waiting for the daub.

the blueberry harvest.