I cooked my first meal for the Ecovillage Training Center tonight. I had asked one of the coop members how much I should cook, and she mentioned that I was vegetarian, so I must know how to balance protein in a meal; since that was the most important thing.

It reminded me of being a young vegetarian stuffing myself with every highly processed soy and gluten product for the supposed missing nutrients. I feel like this is a natural chapter for most vegetarians, though eventually you grow to learn that most nutrients are incredible well balanced in a vegetable based diet; and that pure foods are ultimately healthiest.

So I put this to the Green Movement as a whole. Perhaps this techno-fantasy solution is just the tofu pup phase? Perhaps we will find that the greenest solutions are the ones that use less energy rather than the ones that get it from alternative sources and fuels. I’m not saying I’m opposed to windmills and photo voltaics (though I am heavily opposed to nuclear power). I just keep seeing these green solutions that are really just less bad, and wondering what basic solutions are out there that have yet to be explored.

The Permaculture adage “when in doubt, do nothing” comes to mind. As well as what Mary Dennis had said, “I just think it can all be so much simpler.”