So I half found a good deal and half spoiled myself staying in Greenboro last night a LEED Platinum hotel. It’s a New Construction development, so not too much of a challenge. The website boasts, “we pretended that we found an old factory…” and “first we had to design the factory we would have liked to have found, then design the interiors. Pretty wild idea, eh?” Well, no, not really.

On the flip side, the hotel does use 41% less energy than the run of the mill (pun intended) hotel and bistro, with water usage down 33%, 22.4% was produced with recycled material, 44.9% was sourced locally, and 87% of the construction waste was recycled. They also supply bicycles to rent for use on the nearby greenway. I brought my own, but didn’t have time to assemble it. My train got in late, and I’m headed in out in a few hours. At least the pool was more than warm enough for a quick dip.

I know just as well as anyone that “green construction” these days is just “less bad” construction – not quite there yet. Still, in my few experiences with Leed Platinum buildings, the air quality is noticeably better. That extra lung capacity has a way of making you feel less anxious, more comfortable with life; so I slept exceptionally well and agita free. Here is a picture of me at breakfast:

More info available here.