The day before I left I managed to snag these awesome pictures of The Space Garden; an exercise in a community garden on spoiled ground as inspired and collaborated by Clay Rockefeller of The Steel Yard.

I particularly like the play on the word “space” – both for the creation of space and for the space age aesthetic.

I also managed to run into my buddy John who just happens to run the edible part of the Peerless Loft’s Rooftop Garden, and who was kind enough to let me up there to snap some photos.

It should be said that there is SO much more happening in Providence regarding community gardens. I didn’t have nearly enough time to photograph all of it. The whole South Side Community Land Trust and all of their community gardens; including Urban Edge Farm which is a collective of four farms just outside of town (which rained nearly every time I was out there this summer). There is also City Farm and Red Planet Farm growing in city, an many more edible garden plots dotting the landscape. It is kind of the ideal city-state, or getting there, in terms of it’s ability to supply local produce to the community. The farmers markets even supply people with food stamps vouchers to purchase local organic food. It’s pretty heart warming.